Tramadol HCL 50Mg

Tramadol HCL in the 50 mg dose is prescribed for the relief of pain ranging from moderate to severe. Generally, it is prescribed as a remedy for temporary symptoms like surgical pain. Although it is not a narcotic as such, the way it acts resembles a narcotic pain reliever. It is very important to carefully follow your doctor and pharmacist’s instructions when you buy Tramadol, because continual use can result in addiction.

Dosage Recommendations

1. Generally, the prescription dose is 1/2 to 2 tablets at 50 mg strength, used at 4-6 hour intervals to relieve pain. You may be started out on a low dose of Tramadol, then it may be increased gradually. In this way, your body can acclimate to it, and you will be less likely to experience side-effects. Don’t ever exceed a 400 mg dosage of Tramadol in any 24 hour period.

Side Effects

2. Taking Tramadol may result in feelings of light-headedness or sleepiness. Feeling nauseous or suffering with vomiting can occur particularly at the onset of the prescription. Beginning with a smaller dosage, then stepping it up, can be effective; assuming a prostrate position if you are nauseous or faint may also help.


3. Tramadol has been known to cause seizures. If you have dealt with drug or alcohol abuse in the past, have a history of head trauma or previous epilepsy seizures, you need to be aware that there is a slight risk of having a seizure. The risk of seizure is elevated when patients use antidepressant or sedative drugs along with Tramadol.

Drug Interactivity

4. Do not use alcohol while taking Tramadol; let your doctor know about other medications you are taking, especially central nervous system depressants and sedatives, but also including any allergy medications, other pain pills, and sleeping pills. The effects of these drugs will be increased by Tramadol, so combining them could be dangerous. This is particularly true at higher doses.

Patient Contraindications for Taking Tramadol

5. Tramadol has been known to be habit-forming, so it is not recommended if you have a history of drug or alcohol abuse. Never use Tramadol when you are suffering from suicidal thoughts, and be very cautious if you are taking MAO inhibitors. If you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant, do not take Tramadol because it can cause miscarriage, stillbirth, as well as seizures and withdrawal in the infant. Nursing mothers should not take Tramadol because it can affect breast milk.